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Smart Home

Build every part of the house in which to reach the required security and the necessary luxury.

Smart Offices

Facilitating the service of the labor sector to ensure quality, preserve resources and control from anywhere.

Smart Hotels

Our hotel solutions give guests the highest levels of comfort and enjoyment at the lowest costs.

Smart Buildings

The concept of smart buildings mean rather a combination of the ability to meet 90% of building management challenges.

Smart HVAC Systems

Controlling AC systems and linking them to specific scenarios that suit the priorities of the place and the interests of users.

System Integration

Most of our solutions are carefully selected so that they are linked with the famous systems & assistance platforms.

Most Benefits

Save Electricity

By using our smart solutions and the expertise of our engineers, you will save about 50% of your electricity consumption.

Take Control

There is no need to imagine because you can actually control and monitor every part of your home or office and from anywhere in the world.

Stay Safe

With multiple types of sensors such as motion, temperature, gas, smoke, water, doors, etc., you will feel the highest levels of safety wherever you are.

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We provide from 2 to 5 years actual warranty

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A company that respects the customer, our entire office has been transformed into smart to control it through scenarios and mobile devices

Sultan Al-Otaiby
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A unique and responsive system that works with voice commands through Siri

Sara Al-Malki
male-and-female-user-icons-vector-24500252 - Copy

Thank you very much

male-and-female-user-icons-vector-24500252 - Copy

Their service is excellent and installation is on time as agreed

Hadeel Mohammad

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Focus On Getting Our Jobs Done

We always strive to provide the best customer experience to obtain a smart home or office. We also provide free consultations to all our customers to obtain a strong, practical and responsive system capable of managing your daily life.

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